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10 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Back to School

~ It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself.
Dale Earnhardt

Has your FIAT been to the car doctor lately? With back-to-school season just around the corner, now is the time to get car care out of the way. Whether you need a reliable car for carpooling the kiddos to school or for driving back to college, car care is essential. Why not take advantage of these last summer days to get your FIAT ready before the busy school seasons kicks in. Consider this car care check-list to make your car maintenance process quick and easy:

Car Ready Tips

  •  Battery – You might love the summer heat but that’s not the case for your car’s battery. High temperatures are brutal on car batteries and heighten evaporation of the battery fluid. Without proper care, this can shorten your battery’s life. To prevent this, get your battery cleaned and battery fluid levels inspected before hitting the road.
  • Emergency Kit – Safety comes first. Traveling with an emergency kit is always a plus. Whether you travel with toddlers or with teens, the kids are always up to no good in the back seat. Here’s a list of things to keep in your car in case of emergency.
  • Brakes – Having your breaks inspected can save money, and lives. Accidents happen; and with the busy school season ahead you can count on the roads being busy again. Having good brakes is your ticket to preventing collision.
  • Hoses – leaks and heightened evaporation due to wear and tear is the leading reason why car parts deteriorate. Be sure to check under the hood and get your hoses and belts inspected. A simple hose replacement can improve your cooling and heating system drastically.
  • Oil – Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to pick the best engine oil for your car. The notion that thinner oil works better in cooler temperatures is true. However, we encourage using the manufacturer recommended oil.
  • Coolant – Having problems with your cooling system this summer, you can expect to experience the same problem with your heating. A worn out cooling system can cause corrosion, which can lead to a blockage in the cooling system. Be sure to get your cooling system’s hoses inspected for signs of wear and tear.
  • Tires – You have heard time and time again that having good tires can improve your gas mileage. Technically it is the air pressure that does all the work. This is why it is essential to have the recommended air pressure for your FIAT. Since changes in temperature affects air pressure, be sure to keep up with regularly check the air pressure.
  • Lights – Poor headlights and rear lights can easily lead to fatal situations. Negligence on the road can cost you your life. Be sure to get your FIAT lights inspected. Lucky for you, there’s no need to buy a new set of headlights. Simply detailing and cleaning the lights and brushing off debris will restore your lights illumination to its true glory.


The last thing any driver wants is a broken down car especially when running on a tight schedule. Following these simple tips will help you enjoy worry-free driving during the coming school season. So why not head on over to your local car doctor, Parks Fiat of Wesley Chapel, to get your FIAT 500 the care it needs. Visit us at 28647 State Road 54 Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 or call us at 888 713-8650 to schedule a service appointment.